All the Ways You Can Travel the World From Home

Nobody was expecting to put their travel plans on hold for the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean we can't make the most of staying at home. There are countless ways for those of us with wanderlust to learn more about the world while remaining mindful of social-distancing rules and prioritizing our health (and, just as importantly, the health of everybody around us). Whether it's cooking a new dish, taking a virtual tour of a museum, or feeling romantic about Paris after watching "Before Sunset," here are all the ways you can travel the world from the comfort of your own home.

Learn to Cook German Cuisine

Sauerbrauten in pan
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German fare is decidedly more comfort food than it is haute cuisine, which makes it more approachable for the home chef than, say, a casual, mid-week duck a l'Orange. Most ingredients are readily available, and most dishes demand only rudimentary cooking skills. Spätzle (German pasta, for lack of a better description), sauerbraten (a beef dish marinaded in vinegar, vegetables, and a variety of spices), and schnitzel (breaded and fried veal cutlets) are a great place to start — each is as a delicious as it is traditional.

To learn more, read our full article on three easy German dishes you can make at home.

Let a Movie Transport You to Paris

Eiffel Tower among buildings in Paris
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Paris in the movies isn’t as magical as Paris in real life, but it can come close when seen through the lens of a gifted filmmaker. The City of Lights has been inspiring such artists for more than a century, from French New Wave auteurs to Americans hoping to put their cinematic stamp on the one-of-a-kind city, with Paris itself often becoming a kind of supporting character in the myriad stories that take place there. While you’re waiting to plan your next trip to the capital of France, watch a movie like “Cléo from 5 to 7," "Before Sunset," or "Amélie" to feel like you’ve already been there.

Those aren't the only classics, of course. Read our list for five more films that will transport you to Paris.

Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Inside the Vatican Museums with designs on the tiled floor and statues lining a hallway in Vatican City
Credit: detoxx03/ Unsplash

While the world’s most revered art and history institutes largely remain closed to the public, an increasing number of museums are moving their collections online — meaning you can still make a virtual visit to all those places on your bucket list. That includes vital institutions in Paris (the Louvre), New York City (the Guggenheim), Washington, D.C. (the Smithsonian), London (the British Museum), and even Vatican City (the Vatican Museums), just to name a few.

For more, avail yourself of our list of the best virtual museum tours you can take.

Make Your Home Feel French With DIY Tricks

Wall decorated with framed letters, cards and ticket stubs
Credit: Jonny Caspari/ Unsplash

Investing in a canopy bed fit for the Palace of Versailles or an upholstered Bergère   chair meant for the bourgeoisie can often be outside the average homeowner's decorating budget. Luckily, you don't have to break the bank in order to make your home reminiscent of your worldly travels (or globetrotting bucket list). Everything from propping a slender mirror against the wall or framing ephemera to adding feathers to a vase and accessorizing with vintage items can give your humble abode a distinctly Parisian feel.

If you'd like people to say "oh là là!" next time they visit you, read our full article.

Master Hygge, the Cozy Danish Phenomenon

Cup of tea and teapot steaming on table with pillows and blankets in background
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In recent years, hygge has become a phenomenon around the world. While it largely became a sort of code word for cozy decor, the Danish concept, pronounced hoo-gah, is rooted in feelings of comfort, joy, and well-being, and was adopted as a way of life to endure long, dark Scandinavian winters. Fur blankets and twinkle lights can definitely be a part of it, but the concept is really about finding contentment in a simpler way of life, and, fittingly, it’s actually pretty easy to achieve.

Learn more from the Danes by reading our full breakdown of this cozy concept.

Learn the Answers to All Your Geography Questions

Emerald lake in Canada with mountains in distance
Credit: choja/ iStock

Locating a particular country on a map can be challenging enough (do you know where Paraguay is?). But do you know how to distinguish one geographical feature from another?  Can you articulate the precise difference between a jungle and a forest, a pond and a lake, a gulf and a bay? If you've ever wondered about any of this — or what exactly the prime meridian is and what makes a desert a desert — there's no time like the present to satisfy your curiosity.

You've got questions, and we've got answers. Here are all of them.

Visit the World Through Film

Street with many flags hanging above it
Credit: f11photo/ Shutterstock

Paris is grand, but it isn't the only place worth visiting onscreen. You can travel the world vicariously through memorable characters when you toss on any one of these films. Courtesy of the industry’s best location scouts and most talented directors, you can also explore the likes of India, Italy, and Mexico by simply pressing play.

See more of the world by reading our full list, and don't forget to keep your wanderlust intact.

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